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12 Jul'19
We hosted another excellent pupil from Boroughmuir High School this year for a week of work experience. This talented young man was Abhijai Guleria and he wrote this fine diary/blog from his viewpoint of working with the Roberts Partnership.

It was good to have you with us Abhijai and we wish you well with your studies......

Day 1
When I woke up in the morning, it felt weird when I realised that I wouldn't be going to school today - I would be going to work! I set off for work in plenty time as I didn't want to be late for at least the first day. I got there with a couple minutes to spare and rang the buzzer, which Sally answered. Up until then, I wasn't too sure what the Roberts Partnership did, so it was helpful when Sally explained to me what she does, what everyone in the office does and what the overall purpose of the Roberts Partnership was. After showing me around the office, she introduced me to the university students downstairs, who were hard at work watching YouTube videos…among other things. After a long break for lunch, Sally logged me onto Ewan's computer, where I spent a while removing the dates from numerous work booklets and trying to figure out why mine and Sally's way of updating the Business Gateway PowerPoints was not working, we ended up just leaving them for Ewan to have a look at! It was around this time when Keith arrived, and I was introduced to him - like Sally, he was welcoming and friendly. For the last hour or so, I worked through some business booklets which dealt with topics such as finance and planning for your business, after which I ended my day and headed home.

Day 2
The surreal feeling of me heading to work hadn't worn off yet, so heading to work still felt like a weird, alien process. Upon arrival, I met Ewan, a friendly university student who had also done work experience at the Roberts Partnership, and Allan, a welcoming digital consultant who I spent my morning with. I sat in on a meeting between Allan and one of his clients, in which they discussed advertising on Facebook and how to help his client's business with the use of it. I took a few notes while sitting there listening quietly for most of the time, learning quite a few things along the way. Afterwards, I explored the surrounding area for lunch, but found that the one hour I got for lunch felt much longer than my forty minutes I normally got for lunch at school. Because of this, I ended up getting back to the office in slightly less than an hour and started working with Ewan to find out a better way to update the PowerPoints that me and Sally didn't manage the day before. Ewan had discovered a method, one which was quite tedious but managed to get the job done. During this time, I even managed to update a local hairdresser's website, for which I unfortunately did not get offered a free haircut, which Sally had suggested earlier. During Ewan's lunch break, I found a slightly quicker way to update the PowerPoints (with the help of Google), which concluded my second day.

Day 3
By the third day, I had gotten used to the feeling of going to work, which made my morning feel a lot more normal. After punching in the secret code for getting into the office, I met yet another new face in Katie, who had a similar job to Allan. I spent the morning in a similar way to how I spent my previous morning with Allan; I sat in on a meeting between Katie and one of her clients. In this meeting, Katie helped fix her client's website and improved it through the use of many of Google's business tools, such as Google Analytics, which I managed to learn a lot about. After my lunch break, I began fixing the rest of the PowerPoints, which took a long time, even with the method I had used for the ones the day before. I eventually finished and I spent the rest of the time with Sally, who taught me some useful skills on Microsoft Excel, such as the use of pivot tables for displaying data and organising the data.

Day 4
On what felt like the hottest and sunniest day of the year, I got to work and was told that Katie's client had cancelled their morning meeting, which I was due to be sitting in on. I was then given the news that I would be spending my day doing a task that I had been warned about by Ewan and Katie, a task that everyone who has done work experience here had done before, including Ewan. I would be spending my day…shredding. I was set up in the reception with nothing but the shredder, a pile of paper and my headphones. The shredder ended up overheating many times, in which I had to wait for it to cool down. One of the university students from below wanted to try out the shredder, so I let him have one piece of paper to shred, which was probably the highlight of his day! After a break for lunch in the sunny meadows, I returned to the shredder, which had apparently started shredding by itself when I was gone, which scared Sally and Ewan as they wondered who could've been using it. I ended the day by helping clean up the mess the shredder made - I ended the day feeling like I was covered in microscopic bits of paper.

Day 5
I came into the office as normal on another sunny day and started writing this blog. I enjoyed my work experience week here at the Roberts Partnership, as it was an interesting new experience in which I learned a lot of useful skills - from advertising on Facebook to applying themes to PowerPoints. Everyone I worked with was helpful and friendly and I will remember this week for a long time.

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